Have you found that in your experience, there is an overwhelming abundance of data, media and technologies, which may add confusion to challenges like:

  • How to redesign a pathway based on patient and staff experience
  • How to change a customer’s journey to reduce frustration
  • Where to invest marketing dollars to improve returns
  • How to transform systems based on consumer experience

One thing is for sure, many organisations are merely treating their problems at the surface, rather than getting to the root cause, which would enable quicker and more sustainable solutions.

And these superficial solutions result in increasing costs, frustrated consumers and patients as well as disenchanted employees. In short, they make things worse for everyone.

This is where Energesse comes in. We are a leading healthcare insights firm, with a focus on understanding the WHY.

  • WHY are your customer and patient challenges costing you money?
  • WHY are your solutions resulting in persisting complaints and recurring pain?
  • WHY are your efforts to improve services and health outcomes unsuccessful?

We specialise in analysing insights to improve patient and consumer experience in healthcare and wellness, so you achieve:

  • More satisfied patients and consumers
  • Products and services that succeed in the market
  • Significant reduced costs
  • Improved healthcare metrics
  • Engaged and motivated employees

And Energesse are one of the best in the world at it.

PanSensic is able to analyse large volumes of qualitative feedback from employees and consumers to help you improve your return on investment. It has been used by multinational companies such as Procter & Gamble and GlaxoSmithKline and as well as numerous hospitals in the National Health Service in the UK.

In addition, we have a brilliant team who are passionate about helping you solve your healthcare and wellness challenges. Our team’s work in analysing the ‘Future Solutions in Australian Healthcare White Paper’ were presented to the Prime Minister’s advisors to help solve challenges in the health system.

The result ~ improved health outcomes and financial gains for your organisation and valuable new insights from qualitative ‘Big Data’. Experience effective solutions, happier consumers, relieved employees and brighter bottom lines.

If you’d like to experience these new insights and gain the benefits for yourself and your organisation, then we offer a free trial analysis with PanSensic. All you need to do is:

Complete our Contact form with your details.
State that you would like a free trial, with background info on your organisation.
We will contact you for an initial conversation within 48 hours.


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‘Personal Wellness Diagnostic’

  • Designed to help you achieve high performance and wellness in all areas of your life
  • Applicable to workplace employees and leaders
  • Quick, easy and insightful tool to measure gaps and refine programs



‘Future Solutions  in Australian  Healthcare’


  • Leading insights into future trends in healthcare
  • From 21 Thought Leaders who influence $30bn in health expenditure
  • Presented to the Prime Minister’s advisors
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