Future Solutions from Qualitative Big Data

  On December 10th, I was given the chance to address a group of experts at the Healthcare Analytics Conference in Sydney. In my presentation, I discussed Future Solutions from Qualitative Big Data and introduced Energesse’s technology called PanSensic. Before we change actions or activities within the healthcare system, the first point is to understand how front-line staff and consumers think about the system we are in now. Watch the video to learn more.   0:01       Introducing the Speaker 00:45     Agenda 2:30       What is the Healthcare ‘Ecosystem’ 3:50       Defining the Consumer

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A New Paradigm of Prevention and Wellness is Coming to Healthcare

It seems that almost every conversation about the ‘future of healthcare’ includes discussion around prevention and wellness strategies. Governments and industry are acutely aware that our current healthcare systems are geared towards “sick care” i.e. treating people when they are unwell, rather than “well care” i.e. keeping people as healthy and productive as they can be. Whilst this is nobody’s fault, rather design by necessity, health leaders are realizing that the cost and resources required to treat sick populations could be better utilized if they were spent earlier in the

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Expert Lectures on Success Measurement in Health

It’s been a whistlestop tour for leading innovation expert Darrell Mann, who was in Australia to present several lectures on New Ways of Measuring Outcomes. Many thanks to Australian Hospitals and Healthcare Association and the NZ Trade and Enterprise for helping promote the events. Darrell explained how deeper consumer insights allowed significant improvements to be achieved when hospitals in the UK redesigned services accordingly.  In other industries, Darrell’s methods have created billions of dollars in value to organizations such as Procter & Gamble, Siemens, NASA and Rolls Royce. If you recall, the Future Solutions in

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How do we BEGIN Developing New Services in Healthcare?

Times are evolving, and the recent debate and general lack of support around General Practitioner co-payments (see Australian Financial Review article)  indicate that policies derived by pure economic assessments can sometimes be unpopular in the real political world of healthcare. I have to admit, at first, the idea of a price signal may legitimately reduce consumption of GP services by “over-users”. But after some thought and discussions with my network of doctors, Medicare Locals providers and healthcare experts, it was clear that this ‘GP tax’ as some are calling it, could

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Future Solutions in Australian Healthcare White Paper Launched

Hi guys! My name is Dr. Avnesh Ratnanesan. You can call me Dr. Avnesh or sir whichever you prefer. I’m just kidding. I’m the CEO of Energesse and we’re a healthcare consultancy firm. We work with hospitals, biotech companies, healthcare organizations etc. to help improve on the strategies, the challenges and we try to introduce innovative solutions to solve those problems. We work in Australia, at the UK, the US, and one of the things that I like to talk to you about today is a paper, a white paper

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Dr Avi at the 13th Annual Health Insurance Summit

My name is Avi Ratnanesan. I run a company called Energesse. Energesse is really a healthcare consultancy firm, we really help companies solve strategic and operational problems, usually using a bit of out of box thinking, so more innovative thinking in the way we solve problems. We’ve got team in the U.S. and the UK as well. One of the things we do is we try and bring practice across the different markets to solve some of the challenges for healthcare organizations. My background personally, I used to be a

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My Thoughts on How We Can Set the Healthcare System Right

I was recently interviewed by Informa for the upcoming Future of Medicare Conference in August where I will be speaking about the Future Solutions for Australian Healthcare Reform. Dr Avi, you began your career as a medical doctor in the UK and Australia, and have now successfully founded 3 companies as CEO. Could you tell us a bit about your career journey? In my time as a medical practitioner, I worked across the medical systems of the National Health Service in the UK as well as the public and private

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Do Patient Copayments Produce Better Health Outcomes?

Rising healthcare expenses in developed nations have made it difficult for many people to seek the medical care they need. From 2011 to 2012, healthcare costs in the United States increased 3.7 percent, costing consumers $2.8 trillion, or $8,915 each person. Some analysts estimated the latest figures to be closer to $3.8 trillion with government spending at a whopping 17.9% of GDP. Australians spent $132.4 billion on healthcare, while people in the UK spent £24.85 billion. Government expenditure in both these countries sit at between 9-10% of GDP, which may

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7 Wellness Lessons from the World Cup

Whether you love football (soccer) or not, you would have friend, family member, colleague, employee or boss currently engaged in the football World Cup being held in Brazil. The World Cup happens once every 4 years, is the largest event in the world, involving 32 countries and viewers exceeding 2 billion merely from its TV audience worldwide. What’s more interesting is the level of emotional involvement from fans all of over world, skipping word, taking unprecedented levels of sick leave and spending more work hours online and on social media

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