Do Patient Copayments Produce Better Health Outcomes?

Rising healthcare expenses in developed nations have made it difficult for many people to seek the medical care they need. From 2011 to 2012, healthcare costs in the United States increased 3.7 percent, costing consumers $2.8 trillion, or $8,915 each person. Some analysts estimated the latest figures to be closer to $3.8 trillion with government spending at a whopping 17.9% of GDP. Australians spent $132.4 billion on healthcare, while people in the UK spent £24.85 billion. Government expenditure in both these countries sit at between 9-10% of GDP, which may

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7 Wellness Lessons from the World Cup

Whether you love football (soccer) or not, you would have friend, family member, colleague, employee or boss currently engaged in the football World Cup being held in Brazil. The World Cup happens once every 4 years, is the largest event in the world, involving 32 countries and viewers exceeding 2 billion merely from its TV audience worldwide. What’s more interesting is the level of emotional involvement from fans all of over world, skipping word, taking unprecedented levels of sick leave and spending more work hours online and on social media

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Dr. Avi on Getting Raw: Bridging the Gap between the Wellness and Medical Industry

In this interview with Richard Marc Toutounji, Dr. Avi speaks about bridging the gap between the wellness industry and medical industry. Dr.  Avi also speaks about being a business owner, having a passion for your business and how to build your brand within the market place. Below is a breakdown of what is in this video: 0.33 Richard introduces Dr Avi Ratnanesan. 1.08 Dr Avi shares his experience with biotech companies. 3.02 Bridging the gap between wellness industry and medical industry. 5.05 Researching the market place with your wellness business.

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Dr. Avi at the 11th Annual Future of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Summit 2014

Innovation and Healthcare System Reform Thanks very much. That’s a little bit of all bio there. Essentially, I’m at a company called Energesse . We’re a consultancy in the healthcare and wellness space. We consult companies mainly in Australia, but also healthcare organizations in the UK and US. A little bit about what we’re going to talk about today, the title is Innovation and Healthcare Reforms. Obviously, with a lot of changes going in, we focus a lot in the last day and a half in the problems and the

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Anil Gupta, author of “Immediate Happiness”, interview with Dr Avi

Dr Avi Ratnanesanan:          Anil and welcome to our interview today. It’s really great to have you. Anil Gupta, best-selling author, international speaker, even spoke at Harvard University and happiness expert and also all around good guy. Anil, thanks very much for joining us today. Anil Gupta:                  No, it’s my pleasure, Avi. At last we connected. Dr Avi Ratnanesan:     Yes, yes absolutely, absolutely, and I’ve been so looking forward to having this time with you Anil, and just getting your download, getting your insights on happiness and what happiness is all

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What does a National Health Conference, an “Australian of the Year” and a CEO of a social organization have in common?”

managing resources

Next week I shall be speaking at the Future of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Summit in Sydney. I was invited to speak at this conference because of my background having been in clinical medicine as well as being involved in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. I’ll be speaking alongside leaders of government, pharmacy, CEO’s of pharmaceutical companies, as well as some of the leading academics in this space and I am pretty excited about this. Having worked mostly within the Small-to-Medium Enterprise arena for the last 4 years, this

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Collaboration is the New Black in Healthcare


These last few months, I’ve been working on an industry White Paper called “Future Solutions for Australian Healthcare”. The intention of this White Paper is to identify unique insights that exist within the Australian healthcare system in order for us to really look at areas where sub-sectors of healthcare can collaborate with each other in order to solve common problems. The White Paper’s  intention is also to identify potential strategic alliances within different areas of the healthcare industry and this also includes the wellness industry. It is time to identify,

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Do you have the ‘Entrepreneur’s Curse’??


In my role, I help CEO’s and Entrepreneurs in the Healthcare and Wellness industry, often when times are very rough. In some cases their companies are financially cash strapped and they are almost broke. For the CEO’s of larger companies, stress management is just as important as strategy management, and so I help them in both of these areas. However, for the smaller organisations, I note a very similar behaviour pattern or condition that I have noted several times in the past. In fact, it’s a condition that I have

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The Future of US Healthcare with Dr Fabrizio Mancini and Dr Avi

Dr Avi Ratnanesan: Hello, Dr. Fab. Dr. Fabrizio Mancini. It’s really great to connect again, Dr. Fab. It’s been a while since we last spoke. You’re such an accomplished person, and a person that has a fantastic smile that I just so wanted to connect with you. You’re a bestselling author. You’re an incredible integrated practitioner, chiropractic physician. You host your own radio show. You’re a health leader that I really, really admire. How are you doing over there? Dr Fabrizio Mancini: Fantastic. It’s so great to connect with you,

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