Dr Avi- Speaker

Dr Avi delivers keynote presentations to help organisations motivate, inspire and educate their employees to create positive change. He is a global thought leader with over 20 years of experience across various careers including as a former medical practitioner, corporate strategist and technology entrepreneur. Dr Avi helps organisations become more ‘customer-centred’ (or patient-centered) and deliver breakthrough results. As a coach to CEO’s, he is also brilliant at helping people discover their purpose and live a successful, meaningful life.  Dr Avi is an extraordinarily enlightening, inspiring and highly rated international keynote speaker whose exploits have been featured in the following media:



“Here is Dr Avi’s speaker evaluation summary for the Innovation Summit. His was the highest rated session of the summit with a speaker average of 9.2. His session secured five perfect scores of 10. Comments from delegates: ‘Great presentation – very useful’. ‘Inspiring presentation!’ ‘Excellent delivery, engaging, interesting.’”

Anji Kurian, Conference Manager, Informa Australia

Conferences Dr Avi has delivered Keynote presentations:

  • Sustainable Healthcare Transformation
  • Hargraves Institute Innovation conference (four times)
  • Health Insurance Summit (three successive years)
  • APS College of Health Psychology Conference
  • World Congress of Prevention and Wellness
  • CPA Health and Aged Care Conference
  • Healthcare Reform and Innovation
  • Healthcare Data Analytics Conference
  • Future of Medicare Conference

A Compelling Educator

Dr Avi’s unique career began as a medical doctor in the UK and Australia, practising in both the public and private sectors. After a Masters in Business Administration (Honours), he ventured into biopharmaceuticals with responsibilities from researching ‘Viagra’, to acting as Chief of Staff and strategy advisor to the CEO of industry leader Pfizer Australia, a $1 billion business. In his entrepreneurial exploits, he created two technology companies that spanned the online, digital media and entertainment worlds acquiring partners such as Youtube, Adobe and Channel 11.

He subsequently returned to healthcare by founding Energesse, a specialist firm providing innovative technology solutions and consultancy services to the industry. He has since become a highly rated international keynote speaker featured at the World Congress of Prevention & WellnessFuture of Medicare ConferenceFuture of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Summit and the Health Insurance Summit.

Reasons to engage Dr Avi

Dr Avi is a revolutionary inspiration with excitingly diverse educational value. He lays down practical steps and tools to achieve superior personal performance, meaningful purpose and wellbeing in one’s career, health and relationships. His advice is highly valued not only by elite individuals but also by management teams and leading organisations. Combined with his past expertise as an award-winning filmmaker and digital entrepreneur, he is a proven keynote speaker who is brilliant at engaging today’s audiences. Profits from Dr Avi’s organization Energesse, help fund research and charity care. Energesse is on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of 1 billion lives by 2040, working with leaders, organisations, and governments.


Speaking Topics

Dr Avi’s speaking topics are diverse and his insights help leaders, organisations and health systems navigate the future successfully. Please Contact Us about a customised educational presentation for your audience.

  • Future of Healthcare – Based on research involving senior leaders in government and industry
  • Health Technology, Innovation and Big Data Analytics
  • Patient Experience and Health Consumer Behaviour
  • Healthcare Leadership, Management and Antifragile Health
  • How to Use Digital Channels Effectively in Healthcare
  • Integrated Healthcare and Holistic Medicine
  • The Business of Healthcare and Healthcare Marketing
  • Personal Wellness and High Performance – Physical, mental and emotional wellbeing for high performance
  • Corporate wellness –  Peak performance to maximise employee productivity and engagement.
  • Purpose, strengths, values and consciousness of individuals and organisations

Speaking Events

To attend one of Dr Avi’s highly educational and entertaining presentations, click here for upcoming events

The Proof

“Dr Avi was the keynote presenter at the Hargraves Institute Annual Conference in Sydney in March 2013. In front of over 100 people, Dr Avi wove his magic and engaged everyone with his ‘authenticity’ and passion for life. Dr Avi added something special and different to our agenda, like adding spice to a recipe such that he lifted the other speaker’s performances in the minds of the audience. I enthusiastically recommend Dr Avi for this type of activity and great value.”
Allan Ryan, Executive Director of Hargraves Institute

“‘Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan spoke at CPA Australia’s Health and Aged Care conference in 2015, Dr Avi is a highly engaging and well researched presenter who demonstrates expert knowledge on the key challenges affecting Australia’s healthcare system. Dr Avi has a talent for breaking down complex and intricate health sector issues and identifying the potential solutions and how best to implement change for a better more efficient system of care. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Avi as a presenter at your next event.”
Melinda Everett, Product Development Executive, CPA Australia

“Avi is truly inspirational not only challenging the audience to understand their inner self, but how to use this inner strength/energy to be a great innovator, communicator and leader. I recommend attending Avi’s presentations and will gladly go to any future talk.”
Karen Westbrook, Knowledge Management Advisor at Suncorp

“I was lucky enough to see Avi present twice in two days and took a great deal of value away both times. This sounds cheesy but I would go as far in saying that Avi’s presentations are much like a decent movie – in that they get better each time you watch them, you pick more and more up each time you see it.”
Chris Watt, Management & Integration Lead at Serco Australia – Fiona Stanley Hospital

“The delegates appreciated the opportunity to network and the presentation you gave was received very highly. Many commented you had interesting and thought-provoking ideas.
On average you scored a 9 out of 10″.
Annalise Reid, Senior Conference Manager – Informa Australia

“Avi interjected great energy into the Hargraves innovation conference, bringing his own innovation expertise, future vision and ability to engage an audience together in one package.”
Phil Preston, Speaker, Facilitator, Innovator and Shared Value Practitioner
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