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MES Experience is a digital patient survey and patient experience platform. It is a proven platform that was developed in the UK by Membership Engagement Services (MES), which works with over 170 health organisations in the National Health Service (NHS). Current clients of MES Experience include

Western Sydney Local Health District

The MES Experience software platform

Collects patient feedback and reports in real-time, enabling front-line staff to manage complaints and take action quickly.

Is also able to collect and analyse free text, enabling staff to systematically collect and understand patient stories from unstructured text.

Uses a sophisticated PanSensic machine-learning algorithm which can analyse trends in attitudes, communication and compassion.

MES Experience is now available in Australia, US and Asia through a partnership with Energesse. This was made possible as Dr Avi Ratnanesan, CEO of Energesse and his team spent years researching and consulting to service providers in these health systems that found patient experience, engagement and compliance with Australian and international quality standards to be a challenging issue. He thus found the best solution in MES Experience, which will enable local healthcare organisations to catch up with progress in the US and UK.

Energesse offers the MES Experience tool for Public and Private hospitals as well as Primary Care, Community Health and GP Practices. Feedback can be captured via laptops, mobiles, iPads, SMS, and even via paper.
With an increased focus on involving patients to improve safety and quality as well as implementing sustainable cost-effective improvements, person-centred care is key. In the UK, the Department of Health introduced metrics to benchmark healthcare providers in ensuring patients are involved in decision-making. Organisations in Australia have similar patient experience measures, used across public and private health organisations.


  1. Tailored digital patient experience tool
  2. Patient satisfaction & experience surveys
  3. Clinician surveys (Physician, Nurse, GP, Allied Health, etc)
  4. Patient focus groups & training workshops

Here are testimonials from our clients

Kathleen Waite
General Manager – Operations, Genea

Nick Goodman
Founder and Director of Membership Engagement Services (MES)

Daniel Damiano
Business Manager Healthcare – ANZ, Oracle.

The report on how health organisations in the UK are managing their patient experience data is now available to download

Making Sense and Making Use of Patient Experience
Data June 2015

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